Whitesburg Christian Academy
Thursday, August 22, 2019

Student Leadership University

Whitesburg Christian Academy takes the leadership training of students further than the classroom.  In the high school years, each class has a leadership training experience through an organization called SLU - Student Leadership University.  Student Leadership University is unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.  Designed with the student in mind, SLU encourages students to commit themselves to excellence.  SLU challenges students to develop the ability to rise above self, circumstances, obstacles, change, and the crowd.  This leadership training is designed to equip, motivate, enable and empower students for present and future leadership in their schools, churches, teams, families, and workplaces.  This training can give them a 20-year quantum leap on a global level that accelerates their leadership decisions.  Modeled after Fortune 500 corporate leadership seminars, each student is exposed to comprehensive programs focusing on leadership skills.  These skills include time and life management, goal setting, dealing with conflict and difficult people, and developing a Christian worldview.  The programs are based on the belief that the greatest catalyst for personal development occurs through the people you meet, the places you go, and the books you read.  Combining in-depth classroom lectures with accelerated learning, interactive workshops, and in-the-field experiences, SLU spans the globe with four comprehensive programs:  SLU 101, 201, 301.  Additional programs are available through SLU, but the school schedules only these three as a group.  Many from our school have attended SLU 401 to Israel and Jordan.  From the Smithsonian to the British Museum, the Louvre to Oxford, SLU displays the dynamic role that faith has played in shaping the arts and the culture.  SLU has successfully merged the classroom with "behind the scenes" experiences in Orlando, Washington, D.C., London/Paris/Normandy/Oxford, and Israel, thus providing a uniquely customized environment for learning.  Students participate in both intensive classroom training and real-life experiences.  Each successive year produces "ownership" of both information and inspiration.  Students are able to stay updated throughout the year by visiting the SLU website and downloading the latest articles on current issues and finding information about the latest trends in leadership.  The vision of SLU is one that is optimistically looking forward towards the goal of empowering, enabling, and equipping students around the globe to rise to the call of leadership along with training students to be able to adequately respond to the challenges presented by an increasingly pluralistic and postmodern culture.  The vision of SLU is to train up a generation of leaders who will effectively engage their world on all levels with a contagious passion for Christ in a manner that is also full of both grace and truth.  SLU has a vision to change the world...one student at a time.