Whitesburg Christian Academy
Friday, August 17, 2018

Parents Teachers & Friends

Parents, Teachers, and Friends (PTF):

The Whitesburg Christian Academy PTF is an organization of parents, teachers, staff, grandparents, relatives, and friends of the Academy who wish to lend support to the school.  The PTF provides support in these roles:  communication, fellowship activities, fundraisers, provision of supplies and equipment to the school, manpower for service areas, value added programs, and teacher appreciation. 

Communication is bolstered by a PTF Newsletter and quarterly PTF meetings.  Fellowship events are planned monthly and are generally school-wide.  Service to Academy families, staff, and teachers is an important part of PTF activities including:

  • Faculty and staff appreciation
  • School improvements such as facility upgrades and new equipment

Fundraising is an important function of PTF and provides much needed funds for activities as well as supplies and equipment for the Academy.  

Membership is $15/year.  You may become a member or contact the PTF to volunteer by Clicking Here.