Whitesburg Christian Academy
Thursday, August 22, 2019



Academy History

In the early 1980s, Whitesburg Baptist Church voted to include the establishment of a Christian school in its long-range planning; the vision for Whitesburg Christian Academy had begun.  However, it was not until 1997 that a task force was appointed to develop a strategic plan for starting the school.  The Academy opened in 1999 with one first grade class of 15 students and one teacher.  Today the Academy has 23 classes, 376 students, and 59 faculty and staff.   The School began as a dream of pastor Dr. Jimmy Jackson, who was at Whitesburg Baptist Church from 1978 to 2018.  The school grew out of that dream to a school of over 500 students from 275 Academy families currently attending and many other alumni.
The school has seen dramatic and steady growth as each grade has been added.  The Academy filled the facilities shared with Whitesburg Baptist Church.  To experience continued growth, a capital building campaign to raise money for a new building became evident.  In January of 2013, Whitesburg Baptist Church voted for the Academy to begin the design and planning stage for the first phase of a new school on the south campus. A building committee was elected by the church to oversee the design phase.  A new upper school facility was completed and grades 5-12 moved into the campus in December of 2013.  
Over the following year, four modular buildings were added to the campus providing a dining hall and classroom space for the entire grammar school.  All children are now on the same campus.  The extra space provide for homerooms for PreK-4th grades, extracurricular classes and room to grow for the next several years.
With a new buildings, our purpose will stay the same.  The mission of Whitesburg Christian Academy is to assist Christian parents by providing students an academically excellent and Christ-centered education for life-long service to Christ.  Our vision is that it would be said of the Academy that the students are passionate followers of Christ and well-trained servant leaders.

Academy Today

We have begun to see the results of years of effort in training students for life-long service to Christ.  We have graduated many classes of seniors who have taken their places in college, businesses, and the military.  Our college preparatory academic program has eased the way of our students to a higher level of learning and success.  We have had several National Merit Scholar Finalists, and large percentage of our high school seniors scored a 30 or above on the ACT college entrance exam.  The scholarship offerings to our seniors is significant.
Our students have the opportunity to complete years of student leadership training and to travel the world to learn about the great leaders of history.  In Washington, DC, they study the founding fathers and learn the truth of the Christian principles upon which our nation was founded.  On the beaches of Normandy, they come to understand the sacrifices that have been made to keep America free.  From this background, they develop a passion to be leaders of their own generation.
Academy students are taught what it means to be a servant leader.  Based on their Biblical worldview, they learn that leadership is not a position of status but one of service.  Their hearts are focused toward the needs of others; their character reflects Christian values.  High academics in a Christian environment transforms the lives of our students!