Whitesburg Christian Academy
Sunday, March 24, 2019

Rebekah Dutton

Rebekah Dutton teaches 8th grade History and Spanish I at the Academy.  A native of Huntsville, Mrs. Dutton has her Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Technical Communications and Spanish from the University of Alabama Huntsville.  She is currently working toward a Master of Arts in Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology from Wheaton College, and Masters of Education/TED-S from the University of Phoenix.  She worked as an instructional designer at Northrop Grumman and Spanish translator in her church before pursuing her graduate degree in Ancient Near Eastern history.  She and her husband live in Athens, AL, with their greyhound, Gandalf, and cat, Cleopatra.  Rebekah enjoys classic literature, cultivating German irises, the outdoors, animals, and beekeeping.  Her favorite Bible verse is Psalm 27:8.

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